Trainer Yuna cosplay- Kogoro COMPLETED!!!!!

Trainer Yuna cosplay- Kogoro COMPLETED!!!!!

At last, the final stage of the progression. It was finally time for me to fur the dog as a whole. The fur used was red faux fur and purple carpet-like fur. These furs were purchased at the late Hancock Fabrics just before closing the doors.
So, I first furred the body as a whole up to the purple was. It didn’t seem difficult to do, so I made sure that all seems were properly covered with leftover pieces of loose fur. It then went to the head. It was a little tedious because of the shape and I had to make sure that I wasn’t covering the designs that he has around the face and jaw area. Then came the legs and paws. They weren’t that difficult to fur. I lastly did part of the tail. That was relatively easy. The red aspect of the furring process took 11 hours to do. I then went into the purple aspect of the furring process along with some other aspects of the furring. Thankfully, there wasn’t a whole lot of purple to place it didn’t seem to difficult for around the face area. It took 30 minutes for the purple aspect of the furring. The area around the mouth and paws are died in fur to make it a little cohesive. The color is burnt sienna.

In conclusion, this has been another ambitious project I’ve ever attempted in terms of cosplay. I never thought I would attempt something so tedious. So the overall total hours of construction on Kogoro, Trainer Yuna’s dog is 75 hours and 5 minutes in total. It’s been a real journey taking on this life size dog as a prop, but it’s been totally worth it. I personally enjoy him myself.

Trainer Yuna
Final Fantasy X-2
Trainer Yuna
2 years ago
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