Sakura Haruno - Naruto Shippuden

Sakura Haruno - Naruto Shippuden

I decided to make this costume back in February for AN 2016 and I thought that it would be fairly quick to make. In the end the costume took me 3 months and a lot of hours to finish!

I made the skirt and blouse from scratch. I also made the back pouch, the headband ribbon and the armbands. I modified the gloves and boots. My friend Pan helped me trim the wig.

It was a ton of work, but I'm really happy with how this costume turned out! Looking forward to wearing it again when Pan finishes her Shippuden Naruto costume!

Photo by conARTISTS

Sakura Haruno
Naruto Shippuden
Sakura Haruno
Sakura Haruno - Naruto Shippuden
2 years ago
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