Inking Kids - Splatoon

Inking Kids - Splatoon

Here is a photo of one of my newest costumes. I've been slowing down with making new things in the last few years, but I couldn't resist jumping on the Splatoon Cosplay bandwagon with some friends!

I'm pictured here with my friend Adrien who is the blue Inkling Kid.

I didn't do a heck of a lot of sewing on this costume. Just added the lettering to the shirt and the stripes to the shorts. I also made my mask. My friend Sierra made my awesome tentacles and Adrien helped me make my headphones. My friend Pan helped me trim my wig, which is an Arda magnum in hot pink.

Anime North was very hot this year so this costume turned out to be a great costume choice for the weather!

Photo by stef2101

Inkling Girl & Inkling Boy
Inkling Girl
Inkling Girl (Pink) - Splatoon
2 years ago
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