Bouffalant On The Plains

Bouffalant On The Plains

Bouffalant Gijinka Cosplay By HeatherAfter
Photo By Jason P. Martin

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Pokemon (Gijinka)
Bouffalant / Buffron Gijinka
Bouffalant Gijinka
5 years ago

AnimeLuxray25 The horns look really great!

Maakie Oooh, that's a nice idea and design for a gijinka! :)

AlaizabelCray That dress is gorgeous! Really nice job! :D

Mehdia That dress...those horns...that wig...they all add up to just an awesome cosplay. Oh, and the make-up too. Every bit of it is just awesome!

AshRudel Oh wow, this just looks amazing. The pose, the background, you work this one so well.

division-ten It's weird. Before I even saw the caption, I knew exactly what this was... those horns really make the whole costume come together, and the shot location is perfect!

WondererBailey Oh wow, this is really cool! This pokemon isn't one you see gijinka-fied very often so that's pretty awesome. You did an amazing job!