I had this one thought up in my mind, but as I am sure others can relate to, it is always harder to make what we envision come to life. In these photos I am holding the badge higher, and Murphy is holding the forensic bag and shank higher. I was going for some symbolism here of the guilt they were each carrying. The title comes from how we are weighing out the items, on an invisible scale.

Murphy is gangsterlovin.deviantart.com

I owe a huge thank you to http://oo-fil-oo.deviantart.com/ for his XNALARA work that allowed me to check out Anne's costume. Had it not been for those Ifranview files he sent I'd never have figured out what the seams were supposed to be like for the jacket.
Another thank you to http://mageflower.com/ for having sent me really high-res versions of the badges, again, could not have done this costume without those.
And finally, http://luxox18.deviantart.com/ Anne renders really cemented my ability to get this costume accurate. Without these references I'd have been up the creek!

Brush textures used in some shots are from http://keren-r.deviantart.com/

Silent Hill: Downpour
Anne Cunningham
⇒ Anne Cunningham
3 years ago
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