Eiji and puppet Oishi

Eiji and puppet Oishi

This is Pan's Eiji costume and wig. I randomly decided the day before AN that it would be fun to do Golden Pair Cosplay and she agreed (because I'm Oishi and she's Eiji). She said the wig was dead and she didn't want to wear Eiji so I put the wig on to see how it looked and everyone kept complementing me. (^^);; I really don’t think it was that dead. I was happy to have brought my Oishi hand puppet and this costume was really comfy and easy to put on and wear in comparison to the other costumes I brought to Anime North. Whenever I wanted to relax I started wearing this costume. (^_^)

The Prince of Tennis
Eiji - Prince of Tennis
13 years ago

Cloudgurl Aww, you were so great I saw you Thursday. I was cait sith and at first I thought you were Fuji and when I figured out you were Eiji I felt so dumb lol

Straywind Your Cait Sith costume was incredible!! (^^) I bet you were dying in it though. As for my Eiji costume, the wig was not as lively as it used to be so it's understandable that you thought I was Fuji. Not to mention, the outfits are the same for all the Seigaku characters so it isn't hard to mix them up. Anyway, I can't wait to see what costume you make next. (^_^)