Tennis Princess Peach

Tennis Princess Peach

This is my new Tennis Princess Peach costume, which I made in the spring and I debuted at Anime North earlier this year. I wanted another Princess Peach costume because I had so much fun Cosplaying her ball gown. I like the design elements that carry on from the ball gown like the scalloped collar. My crown and brooch were made by my friend T-toast. He also helped me paint the tennis racket. This is a really fun, sporty outfit and it was super comfy to wear!

Princess Peach
Mario Tennis Open
Princess Peach
Princess Peach - Mario Tennis Open
4 years ago

Ammie I don't know how many times I can comment on this specific photo but it's literally perfect. I love the brick wall background. Really adds to the Mario Bros. atmosphere! The costume looks awesome and I love the wig choice too!