Draenei Shaman - WIP

Draenei Shaman - WIP

Decided to craft a staff to go with my shaman. I chose Intensity. Let's hope I can knock this out in about 2 weeks in time for AX!

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Draenei Shaman
World of Warcraft
Draenei Shaman - Skyshatter (Tier 6)
4 years ago

KH_fanGirl_SW oh my gosh! You are going to AX?! I really hope I get to see you. I used to play WoW and I love the costumes people create based off of that game. I did one a while back but your costume is fantastic! You are so skilled! I love your props. Anyway I will be dressed as Fox McCloud at AX and I am definitely going to get your picture! This is soooo cool!!! Are you doing this for all 4 days?