Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)

Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)

This is the third Aerith wig I've styled, but it's the first that actually has the outrageous 'poofiness' of the 1997 game design. The cosplayer prefered a light auburn color blend over the medium brown that I used in earlier Aerith wigs.

For the braid, I prepared two foam noodles (made of brown stretch fabric and quilter's batting) that were wrapped with extension fiber (lots and lots of long wefts.) They were sewn to the ponytail stub, twisted, then wrapped around each other. The bangs are supported by strips of clear plastic to make them more durable.

1 mid-length wig (#27 - strawberry blonde), extensions x7 (#27 and #30 - auburn), wig dye (burnt umber); foam core (quilter's batting), fabric, clear plastic

Aerith / Aeris
Final Fantasy VII
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6 years ago

CosplayerGabi Looks straight out of the FMV. Lovely work.

GoddessFate This is beautiful!

SunsetSovereign GORGEOUS!!! Wow it looks so perfect!!!

MysteriousMaemi ahhh I always seeing your work. Nice work as always. I hope to see again on Connichi!! =)