'Sup, homee geez?

'Sup, homee geez?

Here I am, just...chillin'...

LIONEL I <3 YOU (and your cameras...and your amazing rapping skillz)!!!!!!!!

(obviously, this photo is by Lionel aka lionboogy)

Princess Zelda
The Leged of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
14 years ago

Your_Rain You're the one who sang 'Currents' for me on Saturday night! Then I gave you a glowstick~! Your voice is sooooooo pretty. I <3 the CD. Not to mention, you make a lovely Zelda~! *^.^*

Jaquii Er, a couple errors with that statement... I am NOT the Zelda that had the unbelievable voice; she had the voice of an angel and I do not want to get the credit that should go to her for her incredible vocal talents!! ;_; And I don't believe that she's officially associated with the Spoony Bards; she lives in New York and the Bards are located here in Chicago (the cosplayers who's user name is Odin has tons of info about the Bards).

Your_Rain ::bluuuush:: Gomen~! I'm sorry~! You are a very beautiful Zelda, none the less~! I loooove your ears! ::tweaks them:: I wish I had half the talent of some of you cosplays on here. ;p

Chibi Yunie Very pretty! <3

VividReality16 Good job on the chest plate and the shoulder ornaments. You make a gorgeous Zelda, especially cause you put time into some of those details.

Jaquii oops, just wanted to say that I was WRONG and she is associated with the Bards...I think...

LyddieGal Wow, your sash and armor is just beautifully detailed.

Keshi You look so pretty, and serene. =3 Your whole costume is fabulously detailed!

Bluest Mercury Your Zelda costume is gorgeous!^^ I love the crafting on the armor and belt especially^0^

Hikaru-Jan Beautiful Zelda! Such awesome details!! =D

SkullKid realllly pretty! love the fabrics and craftwork

Che_bah Woah! You make such a beautiful princess! <33333333

shadowsage You did a really great job on the armor!

Tsubasaglz wow awesome zelda! great job on the armor!