Bring us the girl....

Bring us the girl....

So I got some Fan Expo photos back from the always awesome and talented CalibanCreations the other night and this is one of my favourite shots! (I edited little things… the Fink logo and such). The roundhouse park across from the convention center is such an interesting place to shoot. :D Yay industrial things!

We had a blast cosplaying as this duo! It was my Booker’s first time cosplaying and he had a great day! These costumes were a last minute decision on our part and made in like a week, so I’m incredibly happy with how they both turned out considering the time we had. He also tracked down an appropriate Nerf gun that we painted as a prop since he couldn’t get the Skyhook ordered in on time. It’s pretty sweet and I even painted the Fink Logo on it.

I hope everyone enjoyed the con! I’ll probably post more photos soon!

Booker and Elizabeth
Bioshock Infinite
6 years ago

Melima331 You two look amazing. And you made those in a week?! I would have never guessed!

KhalDevon I love the detail on the vest!

MalteseLizzie The costume looks gorgeous. Do you mind if I ask how you made the skirt?