It's Kou not Gou!

It's Kou not Gou!

Can't wait to get brown fabric to make the proper skirt for my Kou Matsuoka cosplay! I'm gonna get a better grey sweater and hopefully get the wig I want for my birthday! :D

Kou (Gou) Matsuoka
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5 years ago

FieryFari Oh,you look so cute!

xKiYoMiNaTiONx I admire you! =) I can't sew or anything, so I always have to buy my cosplays (custom measurement too >_<)...

~H~ Excellent selfie! I still love that red wig on you ^_^.

CrossedCrowns You look so adorable, I can't wait to see your Gou!(Or Kou...whatever. xD)

Shana05 Very cute. You sure made this fast.

GracefulNightingale I love cosplay selfies! This is so cute! And the lighting is bright, which makes the mood so happy! :D

AnimeLuxray25 Oh wow, nice! <3

LluviaSarcasm You look cute in that outfit! School uniforms ftw! ;P

Naudae What a pretty outfit! You look absolutely adorable! Well done!

AceOfCraze I really like this photo. I love how the lighting is quite bright so it makes your red wig stand out even more. Very lovely! ^_^

Akahime Super cute! I really like the way this photo is. :D You look great in that cosplay~