Just a close up of the fabric flower.

A Song of Ice and Fire
Margaery Tyrell
5 years ago

ranerdis ERMAGERSH. I knew what this was the second I saw the thumbnail. THIS LOOKS PERFECT. MOAR PICTURES.

A Grue Same here- I knew what this was just from the thumbnail. The colors are spot on! :)

Lemon-Squeezy Awe thank you, however I am not sewing this myself. (I seriously can't sew. At all) But the dress is done and will be on it's way soon. So there will be more pictures soon lol. If you're wondering who is sewing it, it's Anna Glowacki. I believe she has a cosplay.com account but I'm not sure. Either way she has her own website. Gurl can sew B) (You can just google her name to find it)