N7 Excitement

N7 Excitement
@Total Legend

I finally got the modular pieces connected. Since I lost 10 lbs last year building my previous N7 armor, and 5 more lbs during the convention wearing it, the old armor started to slide down a lot and I kept having to pull pieces up. It was built for a bigger me, but I didn't expect to slim down as quickly as I did.

This new version is modular and can easily be resized without having to destroy the costume. Hopefully no more droppy pants McShepard this year.

In my original design I used lots of glue and plastic screws, but this year I am using metal screws to hold it together with very little glue used. I also used less styrene, and so far, weighs about 10 lbs less.

Commander Shepard
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Commander Shepard (2013)
5 years ago

ranerdis looks cool!