Cut my bangs~

Cut my bangs~

decided to cut my bangs for my Kuro Usagi cosplay! I swear I look really weird without my glasses on and 1000x worse when I don’t wear make up :P

Black Bunny / Kuro Usagi
Work In Progress
5 years ago

ashe2kawaii It looks so nice! I need to try and style bangs this way. X3 Awww despite how you feel you still look cute! i can relate to the feeling though, in makeup i feel like (-*O*-) out of it (= v = )

~H~ Looks great! Wonderful styling job ^_^.

LluviaSarcasm That's a cute wig! And I disagree about looking weird without your glasses! :I

Rangiku12 Love the way you did this! Nice job

GracefulNightingale I love seeing photo collages like these!!! You are so freaking adorable! :heart: