Photo by my talented sweetheart, Jason Martin.

Pokemon (Gijinka)
Mew Gijinka
5 years ago

LinkPwnsGanon your outfit is so cute and those ears are adorable!

paper cosplay Jason Martin has some talent its a beautiful photo well set up it realy shows off the costume. you look great in it

AnimeLuxray25 really adorable!

ashe2kawaii You make a gorgeous Mew! I like the design and how the photo highlights you. I always look forward to your gijinka ideas and cosplay. (*O*)b

KitoCosplay I think I know who your photographer was for this cosplay. Wasn't it the character from Pokemon snap?

TMLiza Love the cosplay and the location the picture was taken in. ^_^ I like how the edges are blacked out(whatever this is called in photo lingo. Lol)

Peachy Keen Ahh! Mew is my favorite Pokemon ever! I love your take on her. Most of the Gijinka's I've seen of Mew have been more "cutesy" but you make her look so sexy!

Thowra You are just so beautiful! I cannot get over your gijinka's...They are all so amazing!

AshRudel The setting and colors just make your cosplay POP. It kinda reminds me of the energy field Mew is in during pokemon snap.