Mr. Crocodile, do you like codfish?

Mr. Crocodile, do you like codfish?

"You DO?!?!" 8D

More fun with Peter Pan faces, huzzah!

My wig hasn't come in yet, so I just used my normal hair. The wig I'm getting has more red in it, but will be styled similarly to how my natural hair is. I'll probably make the bangs a bit more voluminous though.

The hat isn't 100% done, but I like the size and shape. Trying to find the right makeup style for Peter. Not sure if I want to get brown contacts or not. I don't want my irises enlarged like a doll. They're olive-ish hazel naturally, so might look good with the outfit.

I'm kind of on the short side and pretty slender, so am able to pull off the young look well enough. Thinking of being Terence from Pixie Hollow later on as well.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Peter Pan
5 years ago

Sabrina901 I love this!! Excited to see it all pulled together!

ashe2kawaii XD I love this! You'll make a great Peter pan, and your hair works really well honestly. Can't wait to see more.