Gaggle of Little Gaffers

Gaggle of Little Gaffers

Can you spot these guy int the episodes? They all made after ones that appeared in the show. Some will be easier to stop then others.

I made the hair from Arda Wig swatches in Pumpkin (AR011), Light Copper Red (025), Light Blonde (013), Yellow (AR009), Lilac (AR001), Ginger Blonde (027), Salmon (203), & Mint (AR008).

The ears, boots, custom button, and beads made with epoxy clay. The round button are made of metal craft fasteners repaint. The shoes where repaint with acrylic.

All the clothes are made by hand.

right click to view image as the image size is larger. ;)

Roses-and-red The details put into these are amazing!~ Can't wait till see them with the cosplays!

TMLiza O-M-G. The faeries! The freakin' cute but creepy fairies. This is epic beyond words. The details on all of them, ahhh. I'm speechless. ^_^

pink-lemonade Oh my goodness, these are seriously fantastic! You did such an awesome job!