Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Pokemon (Gijinka)
Duskull / Yomawaru Gijinka
Duskull / Yomawaru Gijinka
6 years ago

LinkPwnsGanon Whoa! This is really awesome!!! :D

Shana05 This is kind of cute. It goes perfectly with the jack-o-lanterns.

natsuo Oh this is cute! What a great Halloween costume idea!

Moon Melody Awwwn ! I really like this picture ^^ It was a great Halloween idea ^^

Mehdia I love how simple and clean this costume is. You are so awesome for having made it!

CrossedCrowns This is just so adorable!

GracefulNightingale This is such a perfect costume for Halloween! He fits quite well with those jack o'lanterns! ;)

Sirup Aaah, this is really cute! >///< Seems like the perfect Halloween costume and I love how the hands and face seems to just pop out of the darkness. Not to mention how great the jack-o-lanterns fit the image.

Maurishio-kun Three spooky faces :D

AshRudel Looking at this one again, it's such a simple concept pulled off so good.

Ends Beginning This just screams "I really just wanna cuddle" XD I love ghost pokemon and this is just to darn adorable!