Duchess of Erin

Duchess of Erin

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Jane Judith Jocelyn
Trinity Blood (manga cover)

One more Jane picture and I really love it, though I look a little bored. It's a usual problem, first you're preparing for the photoshoot, trying your faces expressions, but when you put on your costume you're just trying to survive and waiting the moment to get it off, while it's too hot and hard to move in all those uncomfortable details X)

You can watch a BACKSTAGE VIDEO of the photoshoot ==>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Asng42pLerg

Costume, wig and make-up by me
photo by Kifir (he also helped a lot with the silver patterns)

Jane Judith Jocelyn
Trinity Blood
Jane Judith Jocelyn
Jane Judith Jocelyn - Trinity Blood
8 years ago
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