Adventure Time: Flame Prince

Adventure Time: Flame Prince

Just some quick con photos since I'm not sure when I'll be getting the photos from our photo shoot :'D

Flame Prince
Adventure Time
Flame Prince
8 years ago

mikafacee I saw you at AX and thought you looked AMAZING :3. I was too shy to let you know that then, though ;.; !

H-Watson Okay, I need to ask. You're the best Flame Prince cosplayer in existance: how did you manage to do the hair?! It looks incredible! If you don't mind my asking, did you use a wig, or was that your real hair? (:

x_sarai OMG you're perfect!!! I'm from Spain. My english isn't as good as I would like, so I try to explain me. Let me tell u that you're the best Flame Prince I've ever seen. If Flame Prince exists in real life, it would be u. I think that using your real hair is the best idea to represent Flame Prince's hair. Congrats for your job. from a Spanish Flame Princess