Sunny Day

Sunny Day
@Mitsuno Sonoko

Photographer - OverGreat

Sailor Moon
Princess Lady Serenity
Lady Serenity
6 years ago

Relena989 Very pretty!!

Straywind Your dress is outstanding! What a beautful photo! :3

Overbeck pretty photo

dancingkelpie Beautiful! This character suits you :3

takeon_theworld Gorgeous!

TMLiza Very beautiful photo. The dress is stunning!

AanZku I think, that your face doesn´t suit on situation that much.. But who cares. when everything else looks perfect :D

Lucifer Lovely!

Chocobo chic The colors are amazing and your wig/dress are very impressive

brucer007 Russian cosplayer have so many amazing dresses! The colors in the background compliment the cosplayer well! Great wig styling! Ellegant pose! Beautiful portrait lighting!

cupcakegirly97 love it

predo_kun this is what I call COSPLAY!

maskedrose This cosplay is great - but I do agree with the other poster on your facial expression. It reminds me more of Black Lady, not Usa.. Do consider being Black Lady! I bet it will suit you very well.

qualeshia3 I love how pink and beautiful that dress is-I LOVE RUSSIAN COSPLAYERS!!!

Astaroshe Good job! I like selfmade creations

ToroSonyCat So beautiful!

Kagz This is just fantastic!

Little_Marin LOVELY!!!

kala83 stunning

RamenCartel Kudos to the photo editor, your outfit looks amazing!

Eternalanime Wow very pretty!

HellDoll Love it!!!

Yuni_and_Cirno Talk about realistic cosplay! X3

Nayara Amazing photo and costume work, but your face doesn't really fit Chibiusa.

rainyday @nayara: Who says that? NOBODY's face looks like anime. What is wrong with you? The costume and photo are both beautiful.

twerkle Wow, this is amzing!

twerkle *Amazing

WinterPet You look fantastic!

unyan @rainyday some people have the face for an anime character more than others, obviously. Like your face would never fit CC from Code Geas, for example.

poptartpandora wow! so pretty! I love your wig! <3

MissMappy Pretty!

SIzumi prity.&#21487;&#24859;&#12356;&#9834;

Rolecosplaywigs wow, so so cute and wonderful cosplay show

kawaii cross This is gorgeous <3