Summoner Yuna Progress

Summoner Yuna Progress

Neeeearly complete!

I still need the bead-things attached to the flower on the obi, beads on the sleeve-ties, and much much more beading on the obi. (I’m detecting a theme here). The painting on the skirt could also do with an extra coat or two to make it neater.

I didn’t have my wig, boots (polka dot socks instead!) or jewellery on in the photos.

Summoner Yuna
Final Fantasy X
Yuna Summoner
Yuna Summoner - Final Fantasy X
13 years ago

MemoriesofYuna oh wow! it's looking fantastic! im really anxious to see the finished result =D -Aseret Yuna

katnap007 Lovely! ^_^

Bluest Mercury the design on the skirt is greaT!^^ Wonderful job

Elsch Wow~ That's a beautiful Yuna costume~ the details are just amazing~ ^^

Tsukiko-chan WOOOOOOW! im jeolous!! wtg sis!!

LennethXVII wow i love this costume of yours! i especially love the ribbon and the dying of the sleeves...&gt;w<

summoner_eilidh YAY! It's looking so good. But...What's with the sudden change in radiator \0/

Angelphie Thank you so much! Eilidh - I thought I'd give a different radiator a chance to shine.

XMoonLilyX Oh wow the details are fantastic, I'm especially loving the obi and skirt. ~^_^~

DarkWolfNite Nice work. I'm particularily interested in the obi bow. How did you get it to look exactly like Yuna's? Shape wise I mean.

Angelphie It's great to have such an amazing respone to this costume! DarkWolfNite - The entire obi is made from craft foam cut into the appropriate shapes, then covered in the fabric.

DarkWolfNite Wow, it seems so simple. lol I have the fabric, but as far as I am concerned, starch is my best friend. Anyways, really love the cotume.