White Victorian on Blue

White Victorian on Blue
@Garnet Runestar

It's been a while since I really updated some of my cosplay, and I have several things I need to start posting. Boy am I a good procrastinator or what? This has been completely done since 2010. I've had a few shoots in it as well...yep. It's definitely time to post more.
This is the White Victorian dress that Yuuko wears on the cover of a video game based on the XXXholic series. Obscure? yes. But I fell in love, I had to make it! lol.
I love how this dress turned out! It ate 96 yards of fabric and I'm sick of making scallops, but I love it! I made everything. I even made the hat completely from scratch!
I will say though, this has the most layers of any costume I've made. There are petticoats, bustles, underskirts over bustles, swags, and swag bustles...it's complicated!

I won best of show construction at Conduit 2010 for this Outfit.

Location: Anime Kaigi, Flagstaff Arizona
Photogrpher: Pyroguy
Costume and model: me! Garnet Runestar

yuuko Ichihara
Victorian yuuko (White Version)
Victorian yuuko (White Version)
6 years ago

qualeshia3 That is a sexy dress and looks beautiful on you. I wish I could make something of that caliber, but can't. So its nice to see others make outfits as awesome of this. Good cosplaying!!!