Behold! Embroidery!

Behold! Embroidery!

So I'm going to embroider all of the little designs at the bottom of the skirt by hand. Kind of Zen really. Partially through the first one. Good thing I'm taking my time, huh? This one is probably going in the back, lol

Princess Zelda
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6 years ago

~WhiteMage~ This looks really good! Keep it up!

Sapphire_Cow very awesome..

Kesra Thank you both ^^

Limeyaku holy moly! dedication!!!! they look way too big and intimidating for me to try. this is going to look amazing!

Kesra Your comment just made all of the work worth it. Thank you so much.

PurpleDuckie You are a trooper! I bet this is going to turn out amazing when finished :D