Purple Power

Purple Power

I'm so lousy at thinking up photo titles for Sailor Moon Cosplay pictures. XD

A photo from Youmacon 2010 of me as Eternal Sailor Saturn wearing the fuku that I commissioned from Ammie. I also borrowed her Silence Glaive. This photo was taken by Stillvisions on the lit walkway. It’s kind of a neat futuristic looking setting for Sailor Scout photos.

Eternal Sailor Saturn
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Eternal Sailor Saturn
Eternal Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
7 years ago

Blue Leader The outfit looks great. Very nicely done indeed!

Pan-Chan You make such an amazing Saturn! I can't wait to cosplay SM with you~

Straywind I appreciate the compliments! I can't take any credit for any of my Sailor Scout costumes (they were made by the talented Ammie) but I had a blast Cosplaying from one of my all-time favourite Anime. :3

Karitsa You've always been my favorite Saturn. You suit her so well and have such a youthful face! Love it!