Going to audition

Going to audition

Finally I decided to upload this pic here.
This is the only good pic of me cosplaying Mitsuki when she's going to audition. (number tag, lol)
That wig saw its last days at Animecon VIII. It's from 2008 and the quality is something.. horrible.

A day before I cosplayed brown-haired Mitsuki and people took quite many photos but when I cosplayed blond Mitsuki, I wasn't so popular anymore lol.

But it was nice to cosplay "different" Mitsuki. I'd like to do her school uniform someday.

Photo by KimmyToNipsu

Mitsuki Koyama
Full Moon o Sagashite
Mitsuki Koyama
7 years ago

scott2456 Nice pic.... Keep up the good work.... And maybe that someday will come....