Straywind So Rozen Maiden doesn't take place during winter, but I really like the pretty outdoor shots I was able to get from a shoot with Rock nam Lee at Con-G a couple of weeks ago. It was really nice of him to offer to do a shoot with me and work outside even as the light faded. My eyes look crazy big and kind of glassy because I was wearing circle lenses.

This costume has been such a pain in the butt. Totally not cooperative. I bought 3 different wigs for it and this new wig (one with clips) I'm only kind of happy with. The base wig is a bob so it doesn't have the proper pigtail look, but it's still miles above my original styled wig which became a tangled nightmare. I'm also finding with this costume that the bodice is too tight and I'm creating rips as I wear it. There isn't much I can do but fix them, but with fabric tearing it's only a matter of time before I can't wear this costume again. I'm thinking I can get a couple more wears out of it. It's sad to retire a costume I worked so hard on, but it seems that I have a very love-hate relationship with this costume. I’m still happy after years of wanting to make it that I was finally able to make my Shinku costume last year.