Mortal Kombat
Jade (festival)
7 years ago

Ammie Your costume is totally awesome! This looks like you jumped right out of the game! Very sexy :)

ares.zhang wow~so cool

nemu013 thanks you)

Lady Saea Your costume is so spot on and you have the perfect body to pull this off. Lovely and sexy shot, indeed! <3

Lucifer You look just like her! Fantastic work!

lovexviolet Omg Beautiful!

Kitsune52 so beautiful

nemu013 thanks you very mach!)

mattyp916 You look exactly like her, this has got to be one of the best costumes I have ever seen because it makes you realise instantly who the character is. Also you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen if you don't mind me saying so you pull this outfit off incredibly well! Great effort :) xx

pixiekitty You make the perfect Jade!!

nemu013 thanks you all!))

AzureFlameGod86 I have to repeat what someone else said; You look like you jumped right out of the game. You did a really awesome job. It's good to see epic cosplayers out there that like to get the full detail down. :-)

AoutValour Nice Jade. I like your attention to detail.