Up in a tree

Up in a tree

The higher I got while tryin'to fly.

Rainbow dash
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Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash
7 years ago

botan007 You have the PERFECT wig..where did you and how did you get it?

Karakun We made it in fact. We bought a white one on Ebay (About 30,00$ canadian and no shipping. Great shop !), it was pretty long. We cuted it and dyed it with Sharpies and alcohol (We used a reciepe found on the Cosplay.com forums but we played with it a bit. We used a lot less alcohol than they asked for and it turned out great.), we separated the locks in six sections and "painted" them. It dries fast since it's alcohol but you have to wash it with gentle shampoo after to get the extra color off. We had fun to do that.