Come hither forest critters!

Come hither forest critters!

That title unintentionally rhymes.

I have no idea how I'm maintaining this pose in high heel shoes...

...or why exactly I'm playing the ocarina like this, for that matter; it looks as though I should be surrounded by forest creatures. *_*

Princess Zelda
The Leged of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
14 years ago

The-Real-Link That's sweet Jaquii! It must be a hard pose to pull off, but you do it flawlessly.

Maester Seymour wow what a perfect zelda, i admire your attention to detail! *_*

Kaoru27Umi you make an awesome zelda! (^_^)

Nency really good work... love your costume

Demri I love your Zelda cosplay. You make such a pretty Zelda! ^_^ And I still can't believe you did all that embroidery on the apron - that's insanity! lol

Akida Your are an absolutely gorgeous Princess!!!I love your costumes.::Huggles::

YuffieKeychain You make such a wonderful Zelda!!

Patches Love the pose! I want and ocarina T.T

Jaquii Geneve~ OHMYGOD, so do I1!!!

Yueri I imagine you taking a deep breath then assuming a difficult yoga pose before kneeling like that!! I love that pink!!

Lucky_Seven ;o; So pretty!

Pwammles Your outfit is awesome! ^^ You look very pretty!

Vinosec Thank you!! ^^ And your Zelda cosplay is amazing, good job!!