Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye

This is the view of the dress as you can see...

This was a complicated costume for many reasons. I started this costume because I adored the video game Alice Madness Returns. The original plan was to have everything ready and done by Otakuthon this summer.

Due to a sad unforeseen event that took place in my life it brought many complications almost ending my dreams of bringing this character to life.

I pressed through the pain, the tears and sewed till I couldn't sew anymore. Thoughtless of everything all I knew was that I had to get it done.

When someone says they put their blood sweat and tears into something... it really pays off.

I present to you Alice Liddell Royal Suit version from American Mcgees: Alice Madness Returns.

Credit for the photography belongs to DROO

Alice Liddell
American McGee's Alice
Alice Liddle
8 years ago
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