Stray Sheep Progress

Stray Sheep Progress

I dunno what exactly to call this costume, so I'm dubbing it "Stray Sheep"...from CATHERINE!!! Yeah! XDDD;

I haven't cosplayed in FOREVER, and from drunken stupor (seriously, I was drunk when I decided to do this), I decided to do this!

I know it's another progress pic (like everything else in my gallery--please don't look...everything is ooooold), but this bitch will get done! I still have to fix some things on the head (and need to figure out how to balance the weight...yikes), and I have all my sheep fabric cut out! Just gotta sew everything together and BAM! Will be done for AWA 2011! :)

P.S. And YES. I am severely creeped out by my own photo too. XDDDD;

Stray Sheep
Stray Sheep
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7 years ago

4ng31 Holy shit I want one...

Miri Oh wow, I love this!

Criana This is amazing!!!

Akatsura The first Catherine work I've seen here. I love it. Can't wait for the rest.