Mme. Morpho at Dragon*Con

Mme. Morpho at Dragon*Con

This has been a dream project for years; I loved the look of the sack-back 'robe à la française' and wanted to turn the back pleats into butterfly wings, inspired by the Blue Morpho butterfly. Of course upon doing research I found that I had to modify the historical design quite a bit to get that effect.

It was really difficult to find the right fabric; that was the reason this was on the back-burner for so long. The only place I was able to find a two-tone silk in bright blue/black was; they have colour combos I haven't seen anywhere else. I hand-painted the gradient effect.

Everything is made by me, including all the underpinnings.

Madame Morpho
Mme. Morpho
9 years ago

Gabryel Mantis Just wow!

supergeekgirl I didn't even see you there, but lovely!

Soul_Siren *gasps* Everything about this outfit is just so lovely and well-made! The delicate details are gorgeous! The fabric is perfect for that shimmery butterfly wing effect. Love, love, looooooooove the sleeves! Truly awesome! :D

Kacela This is beautiful! Such a lovely design =]

Little Raven I fell in love with your gown <3

Aïnare Great,very beautiful job and i like much your photo of profile!!!!!!!

ChiisaiYume Gorgeous!

nessabutterfly This is so beautiful and creative! I always love what you come up with!

13Kai-Kai Now that is ingenuity at work! Great job, it looks fantastic!

ArtOfEscape Absolutely stunning. The gradient is so subtle and smooth! :)

Ariah Very beautiful. I like the colour you choose.

silent_dreaming Absolutely stunning! I LOVE the fabric you chose, it has such a wonderful iridescence to it.

bossep64 I love the 18th century! Bo dress historian