Shoulder fabric test swatch

Shoulder fabric test swatch

UPDATE: Eidos has made the pattern publicly available here:

A HUGE thanks to a couple people at Eidos who were kind enough to email me the pattern from Adam's shoulders. I've been editing the shading and have been having test prints done on fabric. When I get the color just right, I'll print a whole yard and be ready to use that to make the jacket shoulders.

Adam Jensen
Deus Ex
Adam Jensen
9 years ago

Manjou It's awesome that the guys from Eidos did this for you :) I'd love to get a hold of some of that fabric XD Are you having the coat custom made or are you going to mod one?

QueenToast Thank you sooooooooooo much for this link. Nice job so far.

Noah Jerm I'm looking forward to your cosplay!

rabenn I am also working on the Adam Jensen coat for a friend of mine. Any chance you still have the file floating around? If so, could I get it sent to [email protected]? It would be incredibly helpful, as I'm planning on making the shoulder fabric myself, and even with a playthrough looking for good shots, it's very difficult to find a good shot of it. Thanks! :D