first try-out ^^

mei terumi
Mei Terumi
7 years ago

ToroSonyCat Looks great, I love the wig! ^^

ERICTHEDIRECTOR you honestly look drop dead sexy! i can't wait to see more

paper cosplay looks amazing

IntraVentus I LOVE THAT DRESS. *___*

Shana05 I don't watch Naruto so I don't know this character. But this is so pretty, especially the hair. But as a redhead I'm biased.

Stina006 I've never seen a Mist leader cosplay before! : O I'm so glad I saw yours first!! It's great, but I'd love it more if I could see your eye : )

KitoCosplay Pretty dress

~H~ Very sexy! Nice work on the wig ^_^.

ArtumeMoon Your wig and costume look great! Nice work!

-Nayami- I'm not familiar with the character (haven't been following Naruto in ages), but you look fantastic! That wig is beautiful and the color looks great on you.

Quinn the Shiki That's an awesome wig!

TMLiza I really like the color and style of the wig. ^_^

FumikoSan Awesome wig and your pose and attitude only adds to the whole picture! ^^

Tenkage-chan You really don't see a lot of cosplays of characters like this! Awesome Mizukage!

Celia Rose Nice! I like the attitude in your pose. Nice job styling the wig, too. :)

LinkPwnsGanon The dress looks amazing!!!!