Street Fighter 2: Dhalsim Elongated Leg Kick

Street Fighter  2: Dhalsim Elongated Leg Kick

For a previous photo session with cosplayer Jordan, I used Photo Shop to make his kicking leg appear longer, as Dhalsim does in the video game. This time, I used a 16mm extreme wide-angle lens to create this effect.

Although I photographed Jordan inside the covention center, I later decided to photo shop him under a pier by the ocean, from my collection of scenery photos.

Jordan was daring enough to do this jump 12 times, landing on a very hard floor with his bare feet!

Anime Expo 2010 Los Angeles, California

Street Fighter 2: Dhalsim AX 2010
7 years ago

Jersey Excellent, amazing shot! YOGA FIRE BALL!

Hinote_Ichimaru such a wonderful shot!

Blood_Sword Fucking brilliant work. Really impressive, it's like art.

hentaigirl82 Awesome shot and looks like it came right out the videogame