Wandering Hogwarts

Wandering Hogwarts

A shot that I really love from a Harry Potter music video shoot that I did with Rock Nam Lee and Mottaboy66 along with a few awesome Cosplay friends a couple of weeks ago.

This shot was a candid one taken by Rock name Lee while I wasn't paying attention. XD I think that makes the photo way better, though, and I love the colour effects that he added! :3 This picture was taken at Hart House which is part of the University of Toronto. A lot of U of T is made up of beautiful old buildings that are Gothic in nature. It's always a pleasure to shoot at U of T. (^^) We were shooting in the courtyard which had been set up for a wedding ceremony (which we didn't realize). We were actually allowed to shoot in the courtyard for several minutes before we were asked to leave because the wedding party had arrived. XD

Harry Potter
Harry Potter Series
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - Harry Potter Series
7 years ago
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