Get me off this thing!!

Get me off this thing!!

So this shot has an awesome back story xDDDDD
My friend wanted to go take some photos, it was like almost 100degs out, and he wanted to play at a playground. I was going to wear my Belldandy but then I decided not too because of above reasons! xD So I wore Panty instead. This shot happened to be after our little accident. My friend was like "hey stand up so I can get a view of the tops of the trees and the sky." I said sure! I was standing up while it was going pretty slow, then my friend was like "hey Sam (who I JUST met and was helping us out) make us go faster" and he did and well, I went flying backwards, luuuuckily I have ninja reflexes and Hulk like legs and was able to catch myself on the bar and keep myself from falling onto the ground and dieing, unfortunately I was in a skirt, and hanging upside down in front of a LARGE group of high school boys and families playing at the park...... Ironic huh? Panty shot as Panty! xDDD
Anyways~ I first wore this to ACEN for a couple hours until things happened and I wasnt able to wear it. Its super comfy and cute!! I cant wait to wear it again!

Panty and Stocking
9 years ago

Kiichigo I adore this shot! It's supercool ~