Ronald progress

Ronald progress

...My mom's room has too much animal print. = 3=

I think I'm actually going to finish Ronald before Undertaker. ^^'' I know it looks like the outfit is pretty much done, but I need a new jacket and shoes. Although I guess the creepers could work in the meantime. The jacket on the other hand has corset lacing in the back, so I really need a new one. = 3= And I keep forgetting about the gloves. OTL I have a black pair somewhere, I need to dig those up.

You can't see it too well, but the wig is two-toned. Gold blonde on top and black on the bottom. I actually used two scrap wigs to make it, so yay for scraps! X3

Ronald Knox
Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
Ronald Knox
8 years ago

NI~ya love it *_*