Love you Bruder

Love you Bruder

Okay, SO. I was at Fanime 2011. I found a Germany cosplayer who was super chill with me. She liked how I was kind of derp about life and not a psycho fangirl, and she wanted to chill with me. That and she was drunk.

Anyways, we wandered over to the bathroom together as I needed to pee. Upon leaving the restroom, we were holding hands (because Fanime crowds are huge, and we didn't want to get separated). Then a mob of Hetalia cosplayers fangirls see us. They're all "OH MY GOD ITS GERMANY AND PRUSSIA. PICTURE!?!" and we're like "TROLOLOL SURE." And we pose together. Then they're all "CAN YOU DO GERMANCEST!?"

Cue this picture. This is the only one I've found taken by those fangirls, but I do remember I didn't stick my tongue out the whole time (and we made it as if we were gonna kiss but didn't). It was really hilarious.

Though after they started SQUEALING TO THE HIGH HEAVENS we bolted away and to our friends (LOL).

Hetalia: Axis Powers
8 years ago
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