Hat front and top

Hat front and top

You never realize how hard something is until you have to find inventive ways to make it. Base is cardboard and a baseball cap. Material is satin and a whole lot of spray painted lace. I used glass gems and rhinestones for the jewels.

Trinity Blood
Astharoshe Asran
Astharoshe Asran cosplay
8 years ago

Inoli WOW!!!! looking great and what an incredible way to come up with the hat! I cant wait to see the rest!

Anhelitta I had to stop working on this due to me getting ill while working on the night before the convention... I am going to be redoing the hat with a different fabric but this is basically how it will look ultimately. Satin was too much of a pain to work with and it doesn't take good pictures as I have found xp.