Albel Nox

Albel Nox

Dudes, This costume was hard to do XD. I'm glad at how well it turned out, especially in photos. heh.
Yes, I have boobs. I didn't bind because it was a hassle getting the costume on as is.
My wig could have been better but it sounded better in the wig store description.
And that gold belt thing totally sucked monkeys.

Albel Nox
Star Ocean
13 years ago

Pikacello Dude, you rock SO much for this costume. Respect respect respect!!!!!!!

o0marikit0o STar ocean EX ^^ rocks

ssmitty when I first saw this on EK's gallery I thought it was abel, but you had boobs so I was confused for a second. O_o;; But I do love the sleekness of the costume and the armour construction is nice!

Chino-San That's very good armor

Heero Masaki So cool!

Chibi Ice Wolf Yes that armor is very spiffy!!

Bluest Mercury omg you are my hero! Albel is teh hawtx333 very impressive armor!

Evali Oh, I'm so glad you posted pictures so I could gush! I <3 Star Ocean and I saw some pictures of you and thought they were great! It's a pretty difficult costume and you did such a good job. Love the material and the armor. I only wish that you had the hair tails... maybe in the future?

Aisha-chan To everyone: Dude, I love you all forever! Yay! Albel = the best man in a skirt evar. Yes. I have boobs. Since.... I tend to be afraid of /binding/. (shudder) P.S. I do have the danglie hair extensions, they are just not visible. I'll comment again if I can find a photo with them!!! /edit/ If you go to Eurobeat King's galleries, and go to the Anime Overdose one, go to page... 49, I think? There should be more photos (note, more photos, you will find them to be crappier XD). One is where my arm piece is falling off. Whoops!

Aisha-chan The Hair Extension Shot:

SeishinKibou Awsome!! first Star Ocean cosplayer I've seen on here! i really want to do a Mirage or Nel cosplay but that'll have to wait for another time [my country lacks Cosplay expos :'(] but yeh awsome stuff! Albel rocks!

Zephyrs I saw you up on Fan's View and I was all &quot;OMGOMG SO3 ALBEL EEEEE!&quot; I mean, hi. Spiffy job, the armor would have scared the crap out of me and made me retreat to a less insanity inducing character (HINT - Mirage isn't one of them. Trust me ^_^) Dangit, why can't I run into any more fellow SO3 folk on the east coast?

Astro Next time I am so attacking you with the duct-tape so you can be FLAT ALBEL! (zomgs I keep getting Albel and Abel confused... WHY MEEE~?) This costume is like, major love. I'm so glad that I know you so that I can see your outfits in person! XD

Yusuke Urameshi @[email protected] love the armor.... *steals arm*