The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element
Le Cinquième Élément
Le Cinquième Élément
10 years ago

Griever 2112 Corbin.... DALLLLAAAASSS!!!!!! Love the Fifth Element... this is awesome...

jianna Oh my god. Glorious.

hmwsg x Definitely favorite-d.

Hilary YES!!!!!!

Bitter This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen on coscom. You are my hero.

Geni Epic QuQ

Idolatrystudios This is the greatest pic ever. You guys rock!

Elemental Absolutely wonderful!

hyd_f4 Green....super green.....This is too F***** funny! Love it!

[email protected] Super, j'adore :-)

Rock nam Lee XD Super!

kowaipanda Love this!!!! <33

Milady Holala, mais vous êtes parfaits ! même pas de showcase ! c'est décevant !

Integral F.W.H. Amazing!

ElZurditoDeHyru Epic group!!! *O*

MelonPlay I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Glay RUBY!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG

mitsuki_sairen Geniuses *w*

Laverna OMG! That is just so... I can't find any words how great this is!


Sheik Chan OMGXDDDDD~<3

KnightJeran I'm sure I've commented before... but the most glorious thing I've ever seen in my lifetime.

Acewild This is made of so much win it hurts.......

Michi-Chan Love <3 This is so great!

Moonlay p-u-r-e love <3 <3 <3 amazing shot !!! amazing costumes !!!

ph34rtehboo YES! Tres bon!!!! Magnifique!!

Arlette OMG.

Squall-sama Oh. My. God! That is freaking AMAZING!!!!!!

kura inran Félicitation !!!!! Showcase plus que mérité :D

brucer007 It seems every detail was put into all the costumes. It looks right out of the movie.. The location is appropriately futuristic. The manorisms of Chris Tucker are brilliantly played here.

ChibiMitzy OMG! YES!

ffviki Woah...this is stunning. Great outfits, poses, angles, colors. Love it!

MattJynxJ13 Okay, I gotta admit. This is pretty bitchin'. ^^ A great cosplay from a great movie.

Elika_88 oh fantastic! It´s a very good idea!!

VariaBel OMG! This is SO green <3

carladawn This is amazng!!!


tifaia Finally this image is recognized! I still love this photo and all of the effort each of you put into the characters. ^^

Chibi_Bara This is the best!!! awesome job!!

prince_izumi Omg I love you so hard-core

Koria bloody brilliant!

HaloFox Very nice, however it looks a little to photo shopped to me.

Kiruru amazing pic!!!!

Raviekins A thousand times yes. <3

Kawaielli Aha-ha-ha!!cool!

Pillow-chan oh my god my face is literally like :O right now. WOW.

akiramiku01 hahahahaha OMG!!!! hahahahaha hahahahaha

Hilda SO EPIC!!!!

*E_S_M* Elle était depuis trop longtemps dans mes favorites celle-là ! j'adooore!

AanZku Lol, Hilarious! xD