Here's another picture of my complete naga costume!

15 years ago

Arisa XD Showing off your boobs, huh? GREAT job on your costume.

ElleHazard ^____^ Nice cleavage!

Nine haha yeah.. i was actually trying to show off the skull but my gloves blend into the top.. XD thanks !! :D

Romann DAMN!!! nice ta-tas XD That is one awsome costume... Great Job, Nine! Do you do commision work?

Nine Noir Lumine - I will be! I'm going to start the service in mid-april. :)

Michi ^^; They look like they're going to fall out. I love the tiara.. Are you going to be wearing makeup?

Nine I'll be wearing make up... Foundation to cover up my uuugglllyyy face, red blush to give that "naga laugh" effect, eye liner and mascara (sp?) to show off my eyes some more, and a dull, dead looking red lipstick.. :)

TyJILDown WOW I LVOE the boobs! LOL Really looks GREAT! You pull it off better than most girls could!

Polylina Are those real????? I like 'em!

Dolly_Entrails I wish I had boobs like yours =( ::cries::

Olivia ... am I the only one jealous of his thighs and not his twins? :P But seriously though, great costume :D

SSChan Laugh with me my media, laugh! *anime bitch laugh* OMG! You are my most favorite crossplayer ever! *hug* That was the greatest skit ever! I loved how you tried to take over the world with the boobs. I quote you all the time at lunch.

mechanicdoll >.< I saw a few pics of your costume in some people's galleries, i thought you were actually a chick until now! I love the "magumbos" and I would pay good money to get some of those! I'm planning on doing Anathesia from Rumble Roses, but lord my ta-tas are no match for hers. *sweatdrop* GREAT Crossplay you had me fooled!