Death Note
Misa Amane
10 years ago

sting57 really nice! hope to meet ya in the future!

native-435 dam u r lookn hot in that photo ^_^ lols

native-435 i hope u hit me back kay bye

Vicky.Bjorn Lovely ^^

native-435 hey whats up ?if u can leave me a message at [email protected] cant wait 2 here from u ^_^

native-435 iv seen your photos on other websites thay r cute im a big fan of u i wish to 2 meat u someday ^_^

native-435 anyways i cant wait 2 here from u much love 2 u from ur biggest fan native-435

rubius316 Awesome Misa!

IntenseAllure you're gorgeous :), lovely misa!

DJTOMCAT Hey Nice Misa Cos, what about mine ? ;) Be Honest :) Greetings from Germany DJTOMCAT