Bowser brooch

Bowser brooch

This is the brooch I made for my upcoming Malon cosplay. Made out of sculpey, then painted with an undercoat of black paint then painted with renaissance gold leaf paint.

9 years ago

AnimeGeer It looks just like mine, Just wondering but did you use mine as your reference?

FiberOptic You're the one that made the brooches for TZP!! When I first started making the costume I searched for the best design and couldn't find anything that I liked the look of but then I saw the one posted on TZP and it was the best looking, and most like the actual game brooch I have seen! Mine didnt come out as well as yours so I had to weather it down So much!

AnimeGeer Yeah I made them two brooches for TZP. I was really surprised and at the same time really honored that she wanted them for the project. I know most browser brooches I saw others post online when I was looking for references for my Malon cosplay weren't really "the best" mainly cause they all looked really flat so I just found a good in-game pic of Malon close up and made up my own design based on that.