It's supposed to be like that. Really.
(It's the ugly side of cosplay....But the suit looks so fine!)

The marathon of costuming that preceeded this con was incredible. I was the only one that got any sleep, and I was the last one to use the sewing machine---to make the badge. I embroidered most of it by hand (the real-life crest of the Vatican because it's impossible to see what it is in the show or manga), but the red and gold outline was done with machine.

I lived in Catttheterrible's mother's basement for three days along with Michimoro before this con. It's fond memories, to be honest. XD; There was also a school graduation involved if I remember correctly.

Ahh, cosplay. Good times you are.

Taken by A. Morris

Colossalcon '09

Howard Link
Howard Link
9 years ago

shinitama I didn't know your badge was modeled after the official ones! How cool! =D