cute lillith

cute lillith

I can't believe how cute this picture turned out. Definitely one of my favorites of Lillith.
I love it. and you can see a really good shot of my red contacts.

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Cammy White
13 years ago

Bluest Mercury you make such a cute lilith!^^

LeananSidhe *.* You are so pretty! And the wig looks completly like Lilith...perfect ^,^

Kadza Neon Beautiful colors! The photo realy catches ones eye. Awesome red contacts!

Lystrade Ahh! That's too cute! :3:3!!! Awesome contacts!

NiGHTmaren Awesome Lillith! I need to get over being a wuss so I can wear contacts for a few costumes. ^^; But yeah, I love the costume, everything looks great!

HaruVamp you're a cute lilith ^^

dressdragn awsome lillth. ~Anna

Doll-chan This is such a beautiful pic! Your Lillith costume is so cute. Good job! ^.^

ChicoChan thank you everyone for your compliments ^_^ :D

azuretalon8 I like the colors a lot - I think you got them dead on. If you had made the armlets just a little tighter it would have been a little more accurate but overall I like this costume.