Ailes Grises.

Ailes Grises.

Myself as Reki from Haibane Renmei. Photo taken by Lionel [lionboogy] at Katsucon 2011. This costume was a bit of a surprise for me! Realizing that my major project was not going to be finished in time for Katsucon, I set about trying to find a costume that I could conceivably put together in two days. Haibane Renmei has long been a favourite anime of mine - sweet, poignant, truly an emotional journey - and Reki is a woman after my heart and soul. I knew I already owned the majority of her outfit (wig, boots, undershirt), could buy and alter the jacket, and would really only have to make the skirt, wings, and halo, so thankfully all the pieces fell into place as quickly as I needed them! I had the feathers rush-shipped to my home and managed to pump the wings out in 4 hours. They are built on a frame of copper tubing, chicken wire, and cotton batting, and painted with floral spray. I had originally wanted to chop them up a bit and go a bit more splotchy with the paint, but they looked so pretty that I couldn't bring myself to do it. C: Friday morning at Katsucon was grey and overcast - perfect for photos of Reki along the rocky beach. Lionel did a fantastic job capturing the complexities of Reki's character.

Please no critiques/criticism; I'd like to keep this gallery happy! :3

Haibane Renmei
9 years ago

Tohma I really love the feel of this photo

Miyabi- Oooh so pretty! ^_^ I always love seeing Haibane cosplay. It's one of my absolute favorite series and seeing cosplay from it is so rare!

elion_augustus Great job! You make a perfect Reki!